Looking ahead at the Holburne.

Extending the reach of what we do and attracting a bigger and wider audience. That appears to be the plan of action for the future now being put together by the new Director of Bath’s Holburne Museum, Dr Chris Stephens.

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Dr Chris Stephens Director, Holburne Museum

In an extended interview with Bath Newseum he says museums – whatever their academic credentials –  are a popular form of entertainment and he wants the Holburne to be a centre of attraction for as many art lovers as possible.

Dr Stephens comes to Bath with an outstanding record from his time at Tate Britain where he was Head of Displays and Lead Curator, Modern British Art.

At Tate Britain he has curated a series of major exhibitions, including Gwen & Augustus John (2004), Francis Bacon (2008), Henry Moore (2010), Picasso and British Art (2012), Barbara Hepworth (2015) and, most recently, the on-going David Hockney retrospective that is projected to be the most popular exhibition in Tate Britain’s history.

I wanted to know why he’d given up the bright lights of London to come to Bath.

Apologies regarding the wind noise across the microphones on this interview. My former colleagues in the ITV sound department will no doubt be wagging a finger. I will try and avoid breezy gardens next time!