Riverside drama

As Chair of ‘CycleBath’, Adam Reynolds is a campaigner for transport improvements and making more inner-city room – and providing safer routes – for those on two wheels.

However, just for a change, he’s been inspired to turn his visionary talents towards proposing an additional feature for the city’s ‘Bath Quay Waterside’ development.

Adam Reynolds – pictured on the plot of land he would like to see developed as an open-air theatre.

This is where the riverbank of the Avon – near Churchill Bridge – is being reshaped, and new defence walls built to help reduce – and guard – against flooding.

Flood defences on one side and a re-shaped – more people-friendly- bank on the other.

This will enable both banks at this point to be re-developed to provide new jobs and homes.

There’s lots of talk of re-connecting the city with its river – but Adam also wants to use the Avon as a backdrop for an open-air place of culture – as he explained to the Bath Newseum.

Catch up with Adam’s two-wheel campaigning via https://cyclebath.org.uk/

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  1. I think this is a terrific idea especially if the traffic noise can be screened/minimised. Are there lighting sources available these days that could be projected to provide ‘virtual’ backdrops to any theatrical offerings? I am sure ‘Enlightened Lighting’ have the expertise…

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