A helping hand for Bath’s heritage.

The scaffolding that has been fronting Hales the Chemist in Bath’s Argyle Street will be coming down in the next few days.

Scaffolding in place outside Hale’s the Chemist for the conservators to start work on the royal coat of arms.

It has been supporting members of the Cliveden Conservation team who have been working on a restoration project involving stripping, repainting and gilding a royal coat of arms belonging to Queen Charlotte.

Freelance conservators Joanna Pucci and Teresa Llewellyn at work on the royal coat of arms.

You can find the story of its restoration in greater detail elsewhere on this website but l want to move on to feature the local organisation that has helped fund the work and which each year puts money into many other projects that ensure Bath’s heritage is being looked after.

Job done and looking good!

I am talking about the Bath World Heritage Enhancement Fund which – since being established seven years ago – has made a real difference to the Bath World Heritage Site.

Ainslie Ensom pictured beside the newly gilded lion.

With work still underway on the coat of arms behind us – and a lot of rainwater to be got rid of in the protective canopy spread out above the workers – l was able to talk to Ainslie Ensom who is the Administrator of the Fund. What did she think of the coat of arms restoration.

You can check out the Enhancement Fund’s website via  https://www.bathworldheritage.org.uk/enhancement-fund