Guildhall buddleia and the new monolith.

A quick round up as we head into the weekend. Network Rail contractors have completed repairs to the decking of the cast-iron footbridge across the main rail line passing through Sydney Gardens.

Repairs completed to the planks across the rail footbridge.


However, the stone walling – into which this Brunel designed marvel is slotted – must be cause for concern.

Stone is breaking away from the rail footbridge.

Had the government worried less about HS2 – and more about letting the electrification of the London to Bristol line continue – the rail bridges through this former Georgian pleasure garden would have been ‘restored’ before new safety barriers were applied.

City end of Great Pulteney Street finds the poor old Laura Place fountain once more as dry as a bone. Why cannot someone be found to sponsor this little watery attraction. It certainly ruins any picture our tourists try to take looking down towards the Holburne.

IMG_3557 3
Switched off and empty again!

Into the High Street, and new direction monoliths are going up. Can see they will help but still feel its a pity our little back streets couldn’t come together under a ‘The Bath Lanes’ banner.

The new monolith outside The Corridor.

Meanwhile our beloved Guildhall – a symbol of local government and of the city’s mayoralty – sits in the background of yet another photo showing the mess on our streets.

Food waste is mixed in and birds can smell it!

This is on a par  – as an important issue – with the East of Bath Park and Ride. Get a meeting going now with B&NES, local businesses and refuse collectors. All bags should be labelled so you can catch the idiots putting food into them. Don’t blame gulls and pigeons for human failings.We make more of a mess than the birds do.

The Guildhall buddleia

Finally, l remember the B&NES councillor who told me buddleia does not grow in this city because we don’t have derelict sites. Tell that to the plant flourishing just inside the railings outside the Guildhall.

Maybe it knows something we don’t?