Bath’s empty basin.

Seems the Laura Place fountain has developed pump problems again. The basin has been drained and the fountain out of action for several weeks.

IMG_3557 3
Switched off and empty again!

A spokesperson for B&NES has confirmed it is a mechanical fault.

“The fountain was drained down as the pump was not circulating the water as it should , as a result of this work an issue has been found with the functioning of the pump.

Once all electrics and the pump has been repaired and checked the fountain will be switched on again”.

Laura Place
The fountain in action.

That is good to hear but l have to say a faulty pump has been a reccuring issue over several years.

It is so sad. B&NES manages to get business to ‘sponsor’ flower beds on traffic islands – so why can’t it get a local firm to sponsor and renovate the fountain.




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