New images of proposed cable car for Bath.

New images of what a proposed cable car service – linking the south of Bath to the city centre – might look like have been released as the South Bath Transport Options consultation – which includes this proposal – reopens today, Friday 9th June.

Suspended during the general election campaign, the consultation will accept public submissions until Friday 16th June.

Interior Car
Artist’s impression: view from inside a cable car. Indicative image only.

Curo has commissioned an artist’s impression of what a cable car and a station at Mulberry Park could possibly look like if the scheme went ahead.  The designs are inspired by Bath’s heritage and the historical importance of the wool industry in the city.

Victor da Cunha, Curo’s Chief Executive, says “At the moment we’re conducting an ‘in principle’ consultation about a cable car in the south of Bath.  There have been some misleading images circulating on social media; our indicative designs will help people visualise what a cable car could potentially look like.

Artist’s impression of possible cable car station at Mulberry Park. Indicative image only.

Any design concepts will evolve over the course of the project, but these images give a preview of the sort of detail that will be available for the next stage of the consultation if we receive sufficient support from the city.

At that stage we would provide in-depth information about the business case, the proposed route, the design of the system and the affordability of the fare structure.

“We believe strongly that building successful communities is about much more than new homes.  Successful places need access to good shops, schools, jobs and of course affordable, reliable public transport.  It’s important that we hear the views of as many Bath residents, workers and visitors as possible at this initial stage of the project.”

A consultation event will be held at the Locksbrook Inn, Newbridge on Wednesday 14th June, 6.00pm – 8.00pm where visitors can view the proposals, ask questions and submit their feedback.

More information and an online feedback form can be viewed at