Jane – the woman behind the books.

Bath will be joining in celebrations this year to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of writer Jane Austen – whose six major novels of love amongst the landed gentry – at the end of the 18th century – eventually brought her an international fame she didn’t live to enjoy.

One of the boards in a public exhibition of some of the city’s ‘Greats’ held alongside Bath Abbey some time ago.

Jane lived in Bath for almost six years – after her father – the Reverend George Austen  -brought the family here on his retirement.

Local historian, author and journalist Diana White has decided to organise an all-day event at St Swithin’s Church in the city on Saturday, July 22nd. It’s where the Rev Austen is buried and – in the previous church on this spot – where he married his wife Cassandra.

Diana White

She has also just published a book which takes a different approach to much of what has already been written about Jane.

The life and Times of the Woman Behind the Books’ –published by Folly Books – explores both the person she was and the world in which she lived in.

The new book on Jane Austen.

Bath Newseum asked her how hard it had been to find something new to say about Jane.

Diana – who is also a member of the Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides – is Chair of the Bath and Bristol Jane Austen Group. Her book is published by Folly Books and the website address is http://www.bradford-on-avon.org.uk/

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