Green shoots from Sainsbury’s

Seems to be a Sainsbury’s week – with apologies to all the other supermarkets in Bath –  but the Green Park sited store has been in the spotlight for two reasons.

The man in the orange jacket is rigging up the lights.

The first is the re-vamped pedestrian bridge which – with concerns about the River Avon beneath it expressed to Bath Newseum – now bears warning signs at either end.

The warning sign.

Today (Wednesday, April 26th) l discovered electricians adding lighting to the barriers to ensure people can cross safely in the dark.

Connecting up the wiring.

Meanwhile there is good news about the dead sapling at the station end of the store.

I have several times wondered whether anyone would replace it with a living specimen.

The dead tree outside Sainsbury’s at Green Park.

Now comes the following statement from Sainsbury’s press office…

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.43.26.png

We will wait and see.