A bridge of signs.

Sainsbury’s at Green Park have remodelled the pedestrian walkway across the River Avon onto their supermarket site.

The remodelled pedestrian bridge.

The tatty curved cover has been removed and the walkway tarted up with paint and a slightly raised side rail.

Are the side barriers high enough?

Bearing in mind the number of people who have drowned in this river in recent years l contacted Sainsbury’s Press Office to ask if the company was satisfied with the height of the newly modified guard-rail – especially as one witness had seen youngsters actually climbing on top of it.


My query was passed on for dealing with several weeks ago. l have heard nothing.

So l was interested to see that at least warning signs have been erected to make people aware of what they are crossing at this point.

The warning sign.

Elsewhere in the city do mind how you go if using the pathway which leads to the side entrance to Waitrose. A portion of a recently installed set of steps has failed and will need repairing.

The pathway that leads to the side entrance to Waitrose.

Maybe they’ll consider dismantling the rest of these stairs and putting in a ramp for the disable and for cyclists to push their bikes up to the stands installed for them.

The broken stairway in close up.

Something that should have been put in – in the first place.