A call to arms. My own point of view.

Wow. Not totally unexpected but the calling of a General Election is a call to arms for those who haven’t already voted for a return to ‘Little England’.

The Prime Minister must be thinking she can ‘kill’ many ‘birds’ with one electoral stone.

The government is obviously going to carry the Brexiteers with them and will win.

She then becomes an ‘elected’ prime minister who has finally (and hopefully solidly) united the country behind her ‘vision’ for our independent future outside Europe.

She is also – no doubt –  hoping to take the heat out of the simmering issues of Scottish independence and Irish re-unification.

The cherry on the cake would be bringing about Jeremy Corbyn’s final downfall and the further disintegration of the Labour Party.


I would like us to work towards creating – with our votes –  a real opposition to fight for a re-connection with the rest of Europe as soon as possible.

We are currently adrift in a democratic dictatorship which is suffocating free speech and poisoning and distorting the truth.

It is no good waiting for a hero – we have to waste no time in nailing our colours to the mast of the political ‘ship’ that can survive the tempests ahead and plot a new course for this country.

I live in a city that voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe. I hope my fellow citizens will use the Metro Mayor elections to vote for the candidate who most represents their point of view.

As my local chemist told me – just minutes ago – we have got to get the young out for this election. It is their future at stake. Their voice should be heard now and they must realise how their votes will certainly count.

Let’s start the push for change on May 4th and then don’t stop there. Wound this ruling bunch of ‘Empire’ builders and create the political weapon that will eventually destroy them. A real and effective opposition.


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