We won’t force the cable car on you says Curo chief.

Curo’s Chief Executive, Victor da Cunha, tells Bath Newseum he doesn’t want to force his cable car idea on the city but is hoping that this somewhat controversial proposition can at least encourage dialogue about how to find a sustainable way of tackling Bath’s transport problems.

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Curo’s Chief Executive Mr Victor da Cunha.

The social housing landlord and landowner wants to link their new Mulberry Park development – and neighbouring Foxhill – with the city centre by cable car after commissioning specialist planning and engineering group Arup to identify and analyse potential transport solutions that could improve links. The aerial route turned out to be the one with the most potential.


At the moment Curo are holding public consulations to gauge opinion in the city. The people of Bath will decide whether this idea goes any further says Mr da Cunha.

See what you think.


You can view an exhibition on the proposal and leave your comments at Southgate – outside the Apple store – on Saturday, April 22nd for 9 to 5; at Bath City Football Club in Twerton on Wednesday, April 26th from 6 to 8pm; and at the All Saints Centre in Weston High Street on Saturday, May 6th from 9am to 12 noon.

More information via http://www.southbathtransportoptions.co.uk/






  1. The consultations and proposals are not being put forward to establish the best solution to Bath’s transport and pollution problems. They are being put forward to connect Curo’s private profit-making property development at Mulberry Park to the train station and maximise sale proceeds and profits. A genuine public consultation on cablecars for the whole of Bath may be appropriate. It shouldn’t be run by people with a very large financial interest in skewing the information, questions, analysis and results.

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