Bath’s ‘new’ MP?

Bath appears to have had a by-election this week? Though the face of this new Member of Parliament looks very familiar.

The ‘Ben Corlett’ caption.

According to the Bath Chronicle – in carrying a message from the local MP regarding the terror attack at Westminster – Ben Howlett has become ‘Ben Corlett’ in the caption under his smiley face.

Of course it’s the same person, and the carrying of his comments sincerely presented, but whoever does the checking for ‘literals’ has been a bit distracted this week.

On another page – carrying the forced removal of the mural in Walcot Street – the remains – according to the caption – ‘hand in tatters’ – instead of hanging.

The Walcot Street caption.

You would think l had better things to do. Well at least l am a loyal follower of our local weekly!

Elsewhere,  l did discover that the Rebecca Fountain – erected outside Bath Abbey in 1861 by the city’s Temperance Association – was suffering a blockage.

This biblically-inspired promotion of  ‘Adam’s Ale’ – positioned to challenge all those licensed premises in the High Street that once sold the ‘Devil’s Brew’ – has not been her usual self.

The flow of water from her pitcher not draining through the ‘well’ in its normal fashion – and finding a new route for its gravitational flow.



leased to say that – as of today Friday, March 31st – Rebecca’s watery outpourings are draining away properly. Here’s the evidence.