Your say on that cable car idea.

People have been giving their opinions this week at a number of  organised information events on proposed transport improvements – including a cable car – that would link the city centre to the new housing development of Mulberry Park in the south of Bath.

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This ties in with the redevelopment by Curo – a property developer and social housing landlord – of the old Foxhill MOD site which is now known as Mulberry Park.

Though the company has been considering  all transport options – including improvements to local bus services and encouraging more walking and cycling – it is the idea of a possible cable car aerial route into town – carrying up to 800 people an hour – that has attracted most attention.

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Bath Newseum caught up with visitors to a display Curo had organised in Brunel Square – alongside Bath Spa Station.

I must apologise for the quality of the picture. The camera was dropped and the lens damaged. It means not all the images are in clear focus.

Curo say new transport improvements are required to help address key city challenges, including poor air quality, traffic congestion and the need to link people with jobs.

  I have asked for an interview with Curo’s Chief Executive, Victor da Cunha, and am awaiting a reply. In the meantime he has been quoted as saying  “During our public consultations at Mulberry Park, transport was often raised as an issue.  We believe that housing cannot be looked at in isolation and that a holistic approach to local residents’ quality of life and the sustainability of the whole city is important 

Victor da Cunha, Chief Executive, CURO.

“As a landlord and landowner in Bath, we have commissioned specialist planning and engineering firm Arup and a group of expert sub-consultants to identify and analyse potential transport solutions that could improve links between Mulberry Park/Foxhill and the centre of the city, providing a more efficient, reliable and affordable connection to jobs, education, leisure facilities and the central transport hubs.”

“We look forward to sharing these ideas at the exhibition and hearing people’s views.” 

For those unable to attend the events all of the information will be available via from March 30th where members of the public can also leave feedback.