Name that ‘Roman’ tile!

The Roman Baths Foundation has launched a Sponsor a Tile appeal to support the Archway Project and future education and conservation projects at the Roman Baths.

This is a unique opportunity for local residents and visitors to the Baths to make and leave their own individual mark and message of support on a virtual tile for this ground-breaking project, which will transform on-site education at the Roman Baths.  

Archway Project Long Section
A long section through the Archway Project scheme.

Sponsoring a tile is low-cost, quick and easy. For a minimum donation of £5, virtual tiles can be customized with a  ‘scratched’ design or even a paw print, just like the traditional Roman builders (and their dogs) would have done 2,000 years ago.

Historically, the actual tiles were decorated with patterns made by wooden combs, to roughen up the surface so the mortar would stick well. There is even an original brick with a dog’s paw print in the collection. From this one print, local school pupils have calculated the likely height, weight and type of dog.

Money received through Sponsor a Tile will help the Roman Baths to open an exciting new Access Zone to the general public. This will extend the visitor experience at the Roman Baths, Britain’s most stunning Roman monument. These hidden and exciting in-situ Roman remains have never been seen by the wider public before.

They include a laconicum (sauna) and exercise courtyard. Contributions will be put towards various aspects of conservation and presentation such as lighting, display equipment and archeological investigations. 

Roman laconicum S
Roman laconium (sauna). © The Roman Baths Museum, Photographer Freia Turland

The Access Zone is one element of the Archway Project. Situated above the former Victorian spa laundry in Swallow Street, the new facilities will increase the space dedicated to education at the Roman Baths by 400%. Two new classrooms will enable the Roman Baths to develop formal and informal learning programmes, engaging a wide range of communities and audiences.

The new Learning Centre will be connected to the Roman Baths by an undercroft that passes through Roman remains beneath York Street. An underground Investigation Zone will provide hands-on access to Roman remains through facilitated learning sessions. 

The Roman Baths Foundation is a charitable company set up to raise funds for conservation and education work at the Roman Baths. Fundraising for the Archway Project is its first flagship project. 

David Beeton, Chairman of the Roman Baths Foundation, said: “Sponsor a Tile is a low-cost way to support vital education and conservation work at the Roman Baths, as well as a unique way to leave a personal mark on the Archway Project.”

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