Alice Park – and ride?

An afternoon circular walk through Larkhall meant we passed lovely Alice Park – on the corner of the London Road and Gloucester Road.

Perfectly positioned with fine tree specimens.

The terrible thought struck me that this could be the answer to the proposed East of Bath Park and Ride location issue.

Alice Park.

It’s in a perfect position to scoop up traffic coming into the city.

It is already edged with delightful car-shading trees and the childrens’ play park and scrumptious cafe could stay open and take advantage of all the increased business.

Rooftop gardens.

All said rather tongue-in-cheek but – while we are on the subject – my partner spotted an article  on Facebook about increasing the number of high-rise rooftop gardens in France and wondered whether any scheme that is undertaken on Bathampton Meadows could at least have a roof over it – onto which grass could be sown.

Aesthetically, it could be a big improvement?