Fuentes l amor (l love fountains!)

Just a couple more observations from a short trip to Spain.

Granada – like Bath – has hills covered in houses, shops and hotels and many narrow streets in its  old town centre.

A ‘sprinter’ bus in Granada.

They have something called the ‘C’ bus service – tiny little Mercedes-Benz ‘Sprinter’ vehicles which weave in and out of the streets and are tough enough to tackle the hills too.

An ideal form of transport for so many places in Bath – a city over loaded with bendy and double decker buses and where the outlying areas have to make do with buses that feel and look like ice cream vans.

Followers of Bath Newseum will know l am in favour of this city making more of a physical presence in terms of celebrating its bountiful waters – not just the thermal ones but cold springs and a much abused river.

The Vincent Traver fountain in the centre of the Plaza de Espana in Seville

It should be a city of fountains – of all shapes and sizes.

An illuminated fountain in Granada.

It’s understandable – in today’s economic climate – for the authorities to argue that is no spare cash for watery extravaganzas – but maybe industry and the wealthy who live amongst us could sponsor more than just traffic roundabouts.

A couple of pictures from Granada and Seville shows how glorious jetting water always is.

Park poster states dogs have to be on leads.

Meanwhile can l just point out that dogs in Seville parks have to be on leads and also cyclists get a proper look in with green painted pathways everywhere.

Green painted cycling pathways beside the River Guadalquivir in Seville.

It can be done.