One way trial for Keynsham.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has announced details of the one-way trial for Keynsham High Street.

The trial scheme is in response to public support for the idea received during consultation on the Council’s Placemaking Plan and the Keynsham Transport Strategy. Residents in Keynsham wished to see an improved shopping experience, with reduced traffic making it quieter and less congested. If the trial is successful, it would enable permanent improvements to be made such as widening of the footways to give pedestrians more space.

The proposed new system.

As part of the Keynsham, High Street trial, the following changes will take place: 

·         A one-way system will work southbound on the High Street from Charlton Road towards Bath Hill.

·         A new bus stop will be added southbound, while a cycle contraflow will be created northbound towards Charlton Road.

·         At the end of the High Street, all southbound traffic except buses, taxis and bicycles will need to turn left down Bath Hill.

·         The current roundabout at the top of Bath Hill will be removed, creating a junction here between the High Street and Bath Hill/Temple Street. There will be no right turn into the High Street for traffic coming up Bath Hill.

Ashton Way will remain two-way to all traffic. If the trial is successful, implementation of a permanent one-way system would enable more significant changes to be made to the High Street in future. These could include widening of the pedestrian areas and additional street furniture such as more public seating.

Cllr Anthony Clarke (Conservative, Lansdown), Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “The idea of trialling a one-way system on Keynsham High Street is something which has been discussed for many years and also gained a lot of support among residents during the consultation into the Keynsham Transport Strategy as a way of improving the pedestrian environment in the town centre.

“The Council’s Highways Design team has been working closely with ward councillors in Keynsham over the last couple of months to ensure that the proposed design for the trial will enable us to give the most accurate picture of traffic flows under the new arrangement.

“I am pleased to say that the inclusion of developer funding during this process has enabled construction of a new bus lay by in Ashton Way and the signalisation of the pedestrian crossing on Charlton Road, both of which will have long term benefits for Keynsham.”

Construction is expected to start in Ashton Way on Monday 27 February, with the trial layout expected to come into effect in May.

During the trial, we will be undertaking a paper-based and online consultation process with the public about how they would like to see the space on the High Street developed. The project web page at will feature news and updates regarding opportunities to get involved in this process.