Bath’s police station on wheels!

The semi-circular space at the Stall Street end of Bath Street contains a significant symbol of great importance to Bath.

The ‘cobbled’ Stall Street area outside the Roman Baths.

It’s the UNESCO sign marking a World Heritage site and the city shares with Venice the honour of being one of only two European cities to have a blanket designation over its core historical heart.

The UNESCO World Heritage site symbol.

This status was awarded in 1986 in recognition of Bath’s thermal springs, Roman remains, Georgian architecture, social history, town planning and green (so far) setting.

While it’s good to be able to point out the significance of this mark amongst the ‘cobbles’ to the swarms of tourists who come to Bath – the symbol is not always on show.

The old Stall Street Christmas Carousel

Every Christmas it would be half hidden from sight under a magical carousel that was always included as part of the annual Christmas Market.

In the last two years the galloping horses has been replaced by yet another beer shed – something that obviously makes more money.

The Stall Street beer shed.

But just recently the UNESCO symbol  found something a little different crowding in on its space. A ‘mobile’ police station!

The mobile police station recently spotted at the Stall Street end of Bath Street.

Now that is a new one on me and a welcome sight in a city of some size that no longer can boast a normal city-centre, fixed-to-its-foundations-type constabulary building – as that has been sold off to Bath University.

I have no idea why this station-on-wheels was loitering with intent in this hi-profile site but l am sure a lot of people would welcome seeing more of it around town.

Is this a re-modelling of the old police box? Someone should tell Dr Who he is way behind the times!



  1. AS I can recall Bath Venice and Florence e world heritage sites on the same date, Do I understand that only Bath and Venice have the blanket designation?

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