Has Star Wars become a reality?

2016 – as l have said elsewhere – is ending as a year which saw Death become a celebrity in its own right.

Amongst those he visited was Carrie Fisher – a wild child who experienced a roller coaster ride through her meagre 60 years – but also to her legion of Star Wars fans, a Hollywood star who has died a double death.

You see fiction is becoming seen as fact.

It is also – for many – Princess Leia who has fallen victim to the dark side of the Force as some begin to associate the real events of a changing Western world with the fictional characters and events of Star Wars – an ‘epic American space opera franchise …. centered on a film series created by George Lucas ….. which became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon ‘ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars

Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin jostle for the role of Darth Vadar and for all we know could be adding a ‘Death Star’ to their growing arsenal of nuclear weapons.

In the middle is a Europe being prodded and pushed towards disintegration – but is it in 2017 when the ’empire’ begins to strike back?

In the real world, are there enough ‘rebels’ – people who still want to live in the security of a united and progressive Europe – to begin fighting for their corner.

It is a union that is not holier than thou and one that should also look in on itself  toward reform and blanket agreements on everything from defence and security to trade and environmental concerns.

But making it work is better than watching it fail.


Unless there is hope, 2017 is going to be worse than 2016. With world wide knowledge – and worship – of ‘celebrity’ through social media there will always be a greater awareness of those shaking off their personal life force – at whatever age genes or outside events decree.

However,  that same world-wide cyber murmuring – amongst the millions who log in to voice an opinion – must be used to turn away from the dark side and seek consensus in steering this tottering world – inundated by homo sapiens – towards a more positive and integrated future.

Space ship Earth needs a pilot and it also needs Hope to fuel it on its journey through time.

All a bit outside my Bath remit l know but l felt it had to be said.

More locally we have a delayed announcement on the location of the east of Bath park and ride site to look forward to. It’s a lemming-like rush to the cliff – whichever site they stick the pin in.

It’s almost certain we’ll have an increase in council tax  to help pay for local services the government won’t now subsidise and more angry voices raised regarding traffic pollution, affordable homes, rubbish and student accommodation.

On the brighter side – and maybe this is where Bath comes into the greater picture – we go to the polls in May to elect a Metro Mayor.

Not universally popular, but surely someone who can bring together and push three local authorities into a higher gear to start speaking as one on issues like employment, housing and transport – matters that affect us all.

In a smaller way it’s showing that integration – rather than disintegration – is the way forward. Strength in unity eh?

According to Wikipedia, the motto was originally used by the Dutch republic. It is derived from the Latin phrase “concordia res parvae crescunt” – small things flourish by concord.

I take with me – into a new and uncertain year – a small spark of hope that l yearn to see turned into a fire.