For Sale board ban stays in Conservation Area.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has successfully applied to prevent estate agents from displaying their boards in the City of Bath Conservation Area for the next 10 years.

This direction has been in effect for 27 years which reflects the Council’s long standing commitment to protect and conserve the unique heritage of the city. The Council has written to all estate agents to explain the decision.

The Inspector who examined the application on behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government agreed with the Council that allowing estate agent boards within the Conservation Area would have a harmful effect on the special architecture and character of buildings in the Conservation Area and on the character and appearance of the wider Conservation Area. 


The Inspector considered that even one estate agent’s board could harm the appearance of the Conservation Area due to boards often being brightly coloured for maximum impact which would contrast with the stonework in these sensitive historic settings.

Councillor Liz Richardson (Conservative, Chew Valley North) is the Cabinet Member for Homes and Planning.

She said: “An extension to the Direction preventing the display of estate agent boards will continue to allow the special architectural qualities of the City of Bath Conservation Area to be protected. The visual qualities of the Conservation Area are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike and the renewal of the Direction means that buildings will be kept free from inappropriate signage.”