Jekyll and Hyde city?

Just seen – and enjoyed – ‘Jet Set Go’ at Bath’s Mission Theatre – brilliantly presented by Not Another Theatre Company – but what is it about Southgate Street at night?

Both going to and coming away from this little theatrical-gem-of-a-hardworking-show we were confronted with brawling groups of youths – fuelled by hand-held bottles of vodka and who knows what else.


Is the shopping centre a no-go zone at night? Isn’t it private property? Shouldn’t there be security people. Didn’t Bath once have a police force??

In fact one concerned visitor actually asked me where the police station was – we had to tell him there wasn’t one.

These scenes of extreme violence must be recorded on all those CCTV cameras that spy on us all.

Maybe the authorities should be invited to sit and watch some of the nighttime playback. Shame on you heritage city.

Seems we’re a Jekyll and Hyde sort of town and parts of it are quite scary after dark!


By the way – Jet Set Go continues through to Saturday with a matinee at 2.30.

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