A Christmas Carousel.

So there l am, waiting to begin Mayor’s Guides duties, when l decide to ask B&NES workmen what they are doing digging a hole in the middle of Abbey Church Yard – and outside the entrance to the Roman Baths.

Preparing a permanent site for the annual Christmas tree?

One of the slabs they have taken up – to get at the earth – bears the letter ‘T’ and is marked to show council staff where to position the Christmas tree each year.

Bath Abbey
Last year’s tree in Abbey Churchyard

I think that should have been a clue to what was happening.

Seriously, l was told they are making a permanent support for the annual erection of the festive fir. Judging by the depth – if this explanation is true – it should be a big tree!

Meanwhile,  l am sorry to say,  for the second year running there will be no carousel of galloping horses to entertain the kids in Stall Street where the World Heritage symbol is set in the cobbles.

The carousel from a couple of years ago. Once more the kids of Bath are denied its presence.

The organisers of the Christmas Market – in their wisdom – have decided once again that a chalet bar makes more cash.

It’s a real shame this magical spectacle of light and colour will once more be missing from this part of the winter festivities.

Never mind, bound to be a Santa’s Grotto somewhere l suppose.

Last year, you were invited to be in your own ‘glass snowstorm’ at the Ski Bar outside the Abbey Hotel.

At least the Abbey Hotel will have their Ski Bar and that wonderful snow globe where you can get your picture done. Now that’s something the youngsters enjoy!