Rusty look preferred.

Week-end wanderings took me down to Green Park station where it’s good to see a development site nearing completion.

For me though, l do hope the decorative copper strips are designed to oxidise. I would prefer the green hue of verdigris to a look l find quite tacky and alien in the middle of Bath.

It’s a personal thing but l find the copper a bit tacky.

Am l hearing Sainsbury’s want to do away with the curved roof over the River Avon walkway onto their site. It is a bit of a mess with many missing panels.

The rather tatty-looking pedestrian walkway.

Elsewhere it was good to see The Corridor fully let – bar one shop! It’s looking good – and busy – but it is a shame they can’t do away with the A boards.

Looking good – and almost full – but shame about the A boards.

Hearing that planning permission time is up for proposals developers had to turn the old – and listed – King Edward’s School into some sort of pub/hotel/restaurant complex –  l am really hoping now for a compulsory purchase order.

The old and historic King Edward’s School in Broad Street. Thomas Jelly 1752.

Bath still needs its own city museum – whatever certain people think about there  being too many museums already. The issue in this city is that different periods of history are being  covered in different buildings.

History and heritage is as fragmented as the many city festivals we enjoy each year.

Bristol has its own City Museum – one that embraces the whole place. Bath needs one too and the old King Edward’s building would be perfect.