Bath Spa station closure expected during April, 2017

I am hearing the next period of major rail disruption for Bath is currently expected to come during April next year.

The canopy at Bath Spa Station is a listed structure,  so cannot be cut back to allow space for the run of power-carrying pylons that will have to follow both up and down tracks as part of the electrification of the main line from Paddington to Bristol and beyond.

Bath Spa station
Bath Spa station

Thankfully Brunel’s original broad gauge tracks has left room to manoeuvre – in terms of the rail bed space existing between platforms.

It’s going to allow Network Rail’s ‘orange brigade’ to physically move the tracks inwards so the pylons can be erected and the canopies left untouched.

The platforms will be built out to meet the new track position – which will actually increase passenger space.

bath spa station
This way to Bath Bus Station.

All of this could take a couple of weeks at least with the usual – and so far effective – bussing of people to connecting stations.

I am hearing they will also be lengthened to accommodate the new fleet of electric/diesel powered trains that will start coming into service next year?

Hope to get more details from Network Rail soon.