Big Bath City Bid needs another £50,000 to hit target 

With just over a week to go until the deadline to raise £300,000, the Bath City FC Supporters Society enjoyed a phenomenal week when football fans, residents and businesses have pledged in force, taking the society to within £50,000 of the target needed to allow the Society to take a majority stake in the club and move Bath City FC towards community ownership.

MP Ben Howlett signing the pledge board says ‘I am supporting the Bid because everyone in Bath should be able to access high quality 21st century sports facilities. The Big Bath City Project will really help to bring this to the local community.’

As of Sunday 18th September £250,343 in share sales had been achieved. The Society has until Wednesday 28th September to reach its target.

Speaking about the progress, Nick Blofeld, the potential new Chairman of Bath City FC said, “This is a very exciting time. We have been working hard to make sure as many as possible know about the Bid, and have tried to reach out to a wider audience this year. The result has been great, and there is a good groundswell of support.

“But as is always the case, we can’t afford to relax until the final target is reached, even with our healthy start. So we are encouraging everyone who supported the Bid last year, but who hasn’t yet committed, to come forward and convert their pledges into shares.

“It’s clear that a lot of people now understand what we are doing here, and how a community owned football club will benefit the city. If we can achieve the target and bring in some new board members with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, plus more working capital, and then work alongside the experienced members already in situ, we can really start to rejuvenate the club and area. We will have a club enjoying wider and more passionate support across the city and beyond, allowing us to improve on and off the pitch. We can then look forward to a partial redevelopment that will be community led and which will make a real difference to Twerton and be of benefit to the local area.

“This will be a historic moment for Bath City FC. If we are successful we will be adding another chapter to the city’s proud sporting heritage. Anyone interested in supporting the club and community via the Big Bath City Bid should now join in and help us cross that line.”

The Supporters Society encourages all Bath residents and businesses to visit for more information on how they can get involved, or confirm their previous pledges still stand.