Marking time in Keynsham

Residents of Keynsham are marking the burial of a time capsule on Saturday 10 September.

When Bath & North East Somerset Council cleared the site for the new Civic Centre in 2013, a 50-year-old time capsule was un-covered. 

Building: Keynsham Council OfficesLocation: Keynsham Architect: AHR
Library at Keynsham Civic Centre. © AHR / Daniel Hopkinson

Its contents included a woman’s magazine, national and local newspapers and a selection of newly minted coins of the realm in leather pouch. 

These are on display in Keynsham One Stop Shop and Library.

Councillor Lisa O’Brien (Conservative, Keynsham North) who is Chair of Keynsham Town Council, said:

“Keynsham Town Council wished to continue with this tradition so decided to create a new time capsule for posterity. This time however, we wanted to ensure its location was identified to avoid any possible damage and agreed to its burial near the top of the steps leading from the Civic Centre down towards Bath Hill.  Items for the new capsule have been donated by schools and local community groups, with artist Iain Cotton commissioned to carve a marker stone.” 

Councillor Patrick Anketell-Jones, Cabinet Member for Economic Development (Conservative, Lansdown) said:

“Bath & North East Somerset Council is delighted to be involved in dedicating the new time capsule for Keynsham.  It will include items from Keynsham Football Club and a Keynsham to Bristol single train ticket.  Maybe in 50 years’ time, children in Keynsham will remember this event.” 

NKS Contracts Limited, the Council’s contractor for minor building works, excavated the pit for the burial of the new time capsule free of charge. 

Director of NKS, Lee Pinker, said:

“As the works are to facilitate the installation of a community time capsule, did not charge for this job – it’s part of our contribution to the local community.  Where we can, we like to make a social contribution, so the time capsule project is certainly where we like to be involved.” 

The dedication event at 11.00am is open to all. 

The time capsule burial will take place in the small paved area at the top of the steps leading up from Bath Hill towards the Civic Centre (or, walk from the Civic Centre building as if you’re going to Bonzo Lounge, then there are a few steps down into the paved area).