Why Sir James might like to be known as Dyson the ‘bag’ man?

A walk up the London Road into town today finds the same weekly refuse day collection mess on the doorstep of flats above a terrace of  shops.

These are black plastic bags – obviously put out overnight – and containing foodstuff which foxes,badgers or dogs are attracted by during the hours of darkness.

You would think they – the people who fill them – would get fed up of clearing up the mess every week and learn their lesson.

An earlier example.

I don’t actually think it is students in this case.

This mess is also just around the corner from a take away unit. These are NOT their bags but it cannot help trade.

Maybe it is time to think about each householder being registered in some way so that bags have to bear a label saying where they have come from.

It might improve the way refuse is presented for collection if there was the risk of being penalised in some way for not following the simple and sensible rules.

I also saw one householder had invested in different plastic bags labelled glass, paper and plastic. It got me thinking about other ways in which B&NES could be helped out over the cost of their collections.

Why cannot the universities issue own-labelled bags to students?

Sort of ‘Bath Uni Cares’ reusables that might help students thinks about their responsibilities to the broader community and also give the university some good local promotional advertising as a caring and responsible body.

Can’t B&NES seek a sponsor for wheelies and new animal proof bags?

Sir James might be famous for bagless vacuum cleaners but could he not consider becoming the Dyson (refuse) bagman around town?

I am the first to say l could not do the job the refuse and recycling guys have to do in all winds and weathers – but please could just one recycler chap be given the job of casting an eye behind the lorry as they pass through our streets.

There also seems to be a trail of inner loo roll cardboard or food plastic trays to mark their passage.

What do others think?