Bridge access, bikes and buddleia.

Well the good news is that the new Destructor bridge – linking Western Riverside with the Upper Bristol Road – has now been lowered into place and is being secured.

The towpath beneath its span has also reopened.

The road surface of the new Destructor bridge is being checked over.

This comes after a delay in finally being able to roll out the prefabricated structure across the River Avon, because of alignment problems.

Now news yet on when the structure will be supplied with the made-up link roads to allow it to open, but already rumours about how it will be accessed.

The new Destructor bridge from the towpath.
The old Destructor bridge from a similar viewpoint.

The bridge is designed for vehicular, cycle and pedestrian use but one follower of Bath Newseum emailed me to say:

‘Are you aware of the restricted access that is planned when the new Destructor bridge opens?

I was chatting to a chap with a BANES hi-viz jacket whilst queuing at the ‘dump’ and he said there will be a bus gate on the south side of the river effectively stopping traffic flow from that side of the Avon.

I was kinda’ hoping the new bridge would ease the pain of crossing the river to the west of the city’!

I have approached the developers for to comment on this.

No slope or grooves to help you take a bike up or down on the steps by the new Destructor bridge

 I have also noticed that the new stairways that have been built to link the new bridge with the towpath beneath do not include a groove to help cyclists get their bikes up and down.

The steps down to the towpath by the Victoria Bridge. The groove is to help you take a bike up or down.

The Victoria Suspension Bridge – which is next in line going up river – has a staircase with a groove for bike wheels.

Weeds lining the approach to the Victoria Suspension Bridge.

 While we are talking about this bridge, l have to say it’s a shame to see the newly-restored Victoria Suspension bridge covered in weeds – so soon after its very expensive restoration.

Buddleia growing on top of the bridge tower.

This historical and listed structure is sprouting buddleia from its tower and weeds line the approach road.

A closer look at the weeds.