The Vegmead plot!

The people who maintain the Vegmead Community Garden in Hedgemead Park have announced they’ve got to find a new home for the organic food they have been growing.

The Vegmead Community Garden plot!

In an article on Facebook they say: ‘Sad to announce that Bath Parks have decided, with no consultation, to take back Vegmead as they feel it’s not a suitable location.

We thoroughly disagree with this assessment and feel that public facing organic food growing in parks is a 21st-century challenge to an unsustainable industrialised food system that is bad for the planet and bad for our health.

We’ve been offered the opportunity to move to other sites and will look over these options but these seem to be less visible and away from Hedgemead Park where we are building community interest.’

The group say they are considering their options. You can look up their Twitter account via @vegmead.

I’ll ask the Council for comment.

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