We’re almost there. New bridge over the Avon.

Good to see the new Destructor bridge has finally been inching its way out across the River Avon. Today’s pictures show the job must be nearly complete.

A spokesperson told Bath Newseum: ‘We’re across the Avon – they will now remove the temporary structures before it is lowered into its final position. The Recycling Centre will remain closed today and tomorrow.’

Almost in place.

The new bridge is designed to accommodate cycles, pedestrians, buses and vehicles for Bath Riverside residents.

Looks like the new bridge is almost there!

During the initial launch in late April, the bridge started to move slightly off its required very precise alignment and the contractor, Britannia Construction, has now put in place measures to prevent this happening. 

Britannia Construction have been gradually moving the new bridge into place over the last couple of days.

This work has necessitated the temporary closure of the river and towpath as well as Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Recycling Centre on Upper Bristol Road.

21st July update

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