The way l feel today.

We are a democracy. Sixteen and a half million people in Britain have decided to leave us with that and little else. A Tory prime minister will go down in history as the man who made the biggest mistake in his professional life.
He decided to hold a referendum to allow a crowded and festering island of grievances and injustice to take the tiller and steer the future course of a country l have always been so proud of.
He has divided the United Kingdom, destroyed his government and sowed the seeds for the end of the United Kingdom and the destabilising of Europe.
We have justed endured a ‘civil war’ of angry words and allegations – but no one has won.
This is not a bright dawn – it is the opening of Pandora’s Box. It is a walk into a dark night. The Right Wing is on the march. There are more horrors to come. After Farage and Boris Johnson – Donald Trump waits in the wings.
I have never felt so sad and so depressed about the future.
As my partner has just said – it feels like someone very close to us has just died. Yes – Great Britain.