I’m In!

When it comes to the referendum – l am IN with the ‘in’ crowd. I will never listen to a counter argument that asks me to turn around and face the past rather than embracing the future.
However, l want one where we actively engage with the Union of Nations that has helped keep the peace, increase living standards and promotes unity rather than division.
Our ‘Press Baron’ lead media has never brought us European Parliamentary debates, reported the activities of our MEP’s or indeed engaged with news stories about the positive side of the EU. Who even knows the name of their MEP?

We are no more ruled by Brussels than we are by London. It is a parliamentary democracy with member states actively engaged.
I am aware a ‘leave’ vote will probably see the demise of the United Kingdom as well. Have we learned nothing from history? Time for Scotland to top up Hadrian’s Wall to keep us supporters out – if we loose.
We will never be anything other than European. I am also a Somerset boy, an Englishman and a Britain – who loves rain, green grass and pebble shores. This union of European nations is our destiny and that of our younger generation. It is not for us to deny them their future.
This referendum has certainly stirred up some mud from the bottom of the social pond. I cannot wait for the waters to clear.
You may disagree with my position but l am not here to debate. I am just stating my case.