It’s been repaired, but who saw the fountain damaged?

At last!!

I passed by the Laura Place Fountain today and found local stonemason Nick Shinn hard at work preparing to lay newly carved stone on this damaged and neglected structure.

Local stonemason Nick Shinn with one of the blocks of Portland stone he has carved ready to repair the Laura Place fountain .

Nick told me the delay has been caused by having to source the material. The fountain is made of Portland Stone and he has had to drive down to Weymouth in Dorset to get it before carving the three new blocks he is now inserting.

A close up of the new blocks. I think Nick Shinn has done a good job!

In the meantime, B&NES are hoping the public can help police can help identify the driver who damaged the fountain so they can pursue compensation for the cost of repairs.

In a statement the Council say:

‘The Laura Place fountain was damaged by a driver who failed to stop after the collision. We are arranging to reinstate the knocked out block of stone and repair the damaged section and this is anticipated to be undertaken this week.

The fountain basin is repaired. Now when is it going to be switched on??

The Council is working with the Police to identify the vehicle involved and help pursue compensation for the cost of required repairs. If anyone has any information relating to the incident then please call the Police on 101.’

Contractors were busy cleaning up the rather dilapidated structure a couple of days ago.

The fountain was cordoned off for the cleaning operation.

I was told they were called in to give it a complete cleaning and it was their understanding that a new pump was to be installed.

A bit of a clear up in the fountain basin.


Glad to be able to tell B&NES that the work has been done. Now when are you going to switch it back on again?????????