Still no date for bridge push

Latest update on the new Destructor Bridge push with another statement issued this morning – Tuesday, June 14th! It reads:

“As part of the Bath Riverside project, Crest Nicholson Regeneration and Britannia Construction have been working together on the replacement of the Destructor Bridge.

P1000031 (1)
The new Destructor Bridge still waits to be push across the river.

Britannia Construction is currently working on the alignment of the bridge prior to its placement across the river. In the meantime the towpath has been temporarily reopened between Windsor Bridge and Victoria Bridge.

Cyclists are asked to dismount in the vicinity of the Destructor Bridge abutment due to the reduced width of the towpath.

The project team apologises for any inconvenience caused during these essential works and will continue to update members of the public via and Twitter accounts @bwrnews and @destructorbrdg



  1. What a pity they didn’t keep the old one, which had considerable historic interest. Not only that, but Handyside’s, the makers, moved it from near Green Park Station to its present site without any trouble in 1906. The only problems were caused by the construction of the abutments.

    1. Not suitable for conversion – we are told – in terms of making a river crossing
      for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians to share.

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