Rubbish week – and we’re up to Sunday!

Well, l can tell you now that this week was always going to be rubbish.

Thursday’s pile – photographed recently on the London Road.


Seriously, l am featuring one pile of street ‘crap’ a day from around Bath.

This city has seriously got to discuss and consider how it collects refuse from its citizens and what rules it lays down for how refuse is prepared for collection.

Bath is constantly splattered with muck from ripped bags.

Monday, June 13th.

Let’s start with some business waste – just across the road from the Guildhall!

Onto Tuesday and a little overspill in Larkhall.

Tuesday, June 14th.

B&NES and Bath BID are going to trial an experimental FASTER collection to see if they can reduce the number of bags pecked open by gulls – but maybe it’s the sack that should be changed.

Wednesday’s snapshot takes us into Great Pulteney Street.

Rubbish needs to be put in something that is gull and vandal proof. While the whole business of collection needs to be reconsidered – including how to stop people putting out rubbish the day before too!!

Thursday’s pile – photographed recently on the London Road.
Friday’s offering.
Here’s Saturday. Top of Great Pulteney Street – facing the Holburne Museum


Rounding off the week – just up the road. Don’t blame the binmen. If the bags hadn’t been put out so early – and obviously in unprotected plastic bags – the contents wouldn’t be strewn across the pavement.