Heritage Makes You Happy!

Bath Preservation Trust has  reacted to a Historic England Report which confirms how important people feel their local heritage is.

It says it has always known that Heritage makes you happy but is pleased to see how many of the public agree.


Key findings from a new Historic England report (read the full document here) show:


1.  Plays an important part in our well-being and quality of life – 93% of residents say that local heritage has an impact on their personal quality of life.

2.  Improves places – 80% of people think local heritage makes their area a better place to live.

3.  Engages young people – almost 2 million children visited a historic property as part of a school trip in 2015.

4.  Is viewed positively by the general public – nearly all adults (95%) agree or strongly agree that it is important to them that heritage buildings and places are well looked after.

Caroline Kay (medium)
Caroline Kay, CEO Bath Preservation Trust

Caroline Kay, CEO Bath Preservation Trust said:

“This demonstrates that it is both important and popular to support local museums and heritage organisations. We are delighted to have this evidence of support in the wider public for heritage.

Meanwhile we would encourage residents of Bath to consider joining the Bath Preservation Trust to help us argue the case locally for our heritage – and you get the benefit of free entry to our four award-winning museums too!

Link to the Historic England report: