No luck identifying tree ‘fellers’ on London Rd

Sad to say the police have not identified the culprits who demolished three young and recently planted saplings on the London Road – despite a CCTV camera being nearby.

The nearby CCTV camera.

They have trawled through the footage – l am told – and of course l have no idea how the lens inside this ‘watch-point’ works. Does it click from side to side or is it fixed in one direction?

The good news is that B&NES Parks Department is in the process of sourcing new trees.

The scheme to green the top end of London Road and build new pavements was welcomed by businesses and residents who had to put up with a fair bit of inconvenience while the work was carried out.

IMG_8419 (1)
The stump of one of the felled trees. Ironically encircled with ‘My roots are here’ and sadly that is all that remains of this and two other young trees.

Many shops have also brightened their own frontages and one hopes the new trees will soon be in place.

Two of the felled trees – the day after they were knocked down.

Any greening of this dangerously polluted road has to be welcomed. The trees are the city’s lungs.