Devolution offers best deal says local councillor.

It’s a good deal – one of the best offered to anywhere – and our business community want it to ensure economic growth.

Bath Newseum managed to get a word on the subject of the West of England Devolution deal with Cllr Martin Veal – a member of the B&NES Cabinet.

The full council is receiving a report on the subject this evening. It’s all about B&NES, North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire combining to share devolved powers from central government and up to a billion pounds over the next thirty years.

A decision on whether B&NES is in or out won’t come until the end of June. As expected most of the councillors criticism revolves around not wanting an elected mayor or to see a ‘return to Avon’ – despite business chiefs, educational bosses and transport experts all supporting the deal at tonight’s meeting.

The chat with Cllr Veal came earlier today. I said this was a real local version of recent EU negotiations.