London Road trees destroyed in hit and run.

Three young trees lining the central reservation of London Road – and planted as part of last year’s improvement scheme – were destroyed over the Spring bank holiday weekend in a hit and run collision which has been labelled “heart-breaking” and “senseless, reckless driving” by local residents and campaigners.

Two stumps are all that’s left of these trees.

Lib Dem Councillor Lisa Brett (Walcot) commented:

“These trees were planted in early 2015 as part of the London Road regeneration project. It is heart-breaking to see them destroyed by dangerous driving after all the years of hard work undertaken by local residents and Councillors to develop the plans to improve the environment.”

“The Lib Dem administration was proud of its investment in the London Road as one of the main gateways to our city. The regeneration project helped transform a previously badly neglected area. The current administration must now step up and ensure that these trees are replaced and that the remaining trees and replacements are protected from further attacks.”

Another splintered tree.

Local resident Ann Dunlop said:

“I’m disgusted by the consequences of senseless and irresponsible driving, something we see far too much off on the London Road at night, thankfully no body has been killed. These trees were planted for the benefit of the local community and to help improve the environment of London Road for all Bath residents and visitors. The criminal knocked them down should be ashamed of themselves.”

Chair of the London Road Regeneration Community Steering Group, Francesca Thompson, added:

“The London Road regeneration project marked a turning point in the fortunes of London Road. This scheme was all about changing perceptions of London Road and attracting new businesses and investment to the area. Local residents led the way in deciding what improvements would make the most difference, and making the area greener with trees and planters was top of the list. It is so disappointing that the trees have been knocked down, but this does not take away from the overall achievement.”

For information:  The London Road project was one of the flagship regeneration projects of the Liberal Democrat Council administration of 2011-2015. The project included improvements to the street scene, better pedestrian and cycle facilities and environmental projects. 


One of the felled trees.



  1. Playing devils advocate…
    Do we know that the driving was “dangerous”, “senseless”, or “reckless”? If no-one saw it then how do we know what the driving was like?
    The required standard of a competent and careful motorist might have required that the driver swerved to avoid the child that ran off the pavement into the road.
    A previously undiscovered mechanical fault might have caused loss of control of the vehicle.
    There may have been necessity/duress that forced them to drive carelessly such as fleeing from the threat of violence or an actual assault.
    They may have been suddenly deprived of control of their vehicle by sudden illness and/or a non-pre-existing medical condition (e.g. sudden coma, epileptic fit).

    And again playing devils advocate…
    How does ‘failure to stop at the scene’ (e.g. providing insurance and contact details to other vehicle) apply if there was no other vehicle involved, and no property owner present at the time?
    And isn’t the rule on ‘failure to report an accident’ (e.g. reporting injuries to police) that you’ve got 24 hours?

      1. Assuming that the driver isn’t a moron that didn’t notice (as that then would be careless!)… then who would they stop and report it to?
        I’d assume the correct answer is the council? Although it’s a big organisation lets assume there wasn’t a council employee fortuitously in the right place at the right time. But then how do we know they haven’t reported it and there’s not an email sat in the council connect mailbox that we (and they also given the bank holiday weekend!) don’t know about yet?

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