Second canal towpath closure coming up!

The second section of canal-side towpath – from the Grosvenor Bridge incline to the entrance to the Sydney Gardens tunnel – will close on May 11th for up to three months.

This is the second half of the route to be improved. From the Grosvenor Bridge access incline to the Sydney Gardens tunnel.

Notices to that effect have gone up along the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath today. It’s the continuation of a scheme to improve the whole length of towpath into the city – to benefit pedestrians and cyclists.

A base layer of tarmac has now been applied to the length of path between the George Inn at Bathampton and Candy’s bridge.

Looking down on a section of towpath that has been re-surfaced. The top grit layer will come later.

Now – after the May Day bank holiday – it will be time to tackle the rest of the route – including a new surface for the incline up to the canal.

The incline leading up to the towpath – which will also be closed

It’s hoped to re-open the whole length of towpath into Bath in mid-July. Once the tarmac has been done on the second stretch  – the whole length will be given a top coating of stone chippings.

The steps up to the canal towpath

I am hearing there may some money remaining in the budget – after costing this job –  to improve the step route up to the canal towpath – from Grosvenor Bridge – and apply some sort of stone chipping surface to the small path that branches off from the incline towards the footbridge over the railway.

The side path – leading off to the pedestrian rail footbridge – will be re-surfaced but only – it’s understood – with chippings.

This will certainly benefit the Cleveland Pools Trust in improving one pedestrian access way towards their site.



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    I know they say closed for up to 3 months, but they have been highly efficient at keeping it mostly open. This will make this into a great all year round path for everyone, particular the boaters.

    1. I think they are covering themselves – and agree they may not need all of that time – but it will improve things dramatically.Boat dwellers wont take so much mud on board!

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