Is this the Sydney Gardens rig for electrification?

This is the way electrification may well be carried through Bath’s historic Sydney Gardens.

My thanks to Noel Dolphin of Furrer+Frey for sending me the  ‘3D pdf of the electrification cantilever for Sydney Gardens.’

Noel Dolphin Furrer+Frey

Founded in 1923, Furrer+Frey, the electrification company, specialises in railway electrification systems ranging from 600V to 25kV and covering mountain lines, intercity lines, urban traffic, rack railways, normal and narrow gauge railways, narrow tunnels etc.

The overhead line equipment  is his company’s design – but the cantilevered structure is by Atkins Global – one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies.IMG_8103

They are contracted to Network Rail for the electrification of the Great Western line.  Atkins Global did the 3D PDF.IMG_8101

The structure is currently a proposal for BANES – as part of the concept design. However, it’s thought this is the agreed concept with BANES, although the detailed design has not started.

I hope that helps, any questions just let me know.