Must end June 5th !Making a real impression – Holburne’s ‘block-buster’ show.

Following on from the record figures Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery enjoyed during its Grayson Perry tapestry exhibition – it’s good to be able to report that the art establishment at the other end of Great Pulteney Street has something to shout about too.

Holburne Museum
The Holburne Museum at the Sydney Gardens end of Great Pulteney Street.

The Holburne Museum is currently in the middle of a run with a special exhibition called ‘Impressionism:Capturing Life‘ – which ends June 5th – and seems to have got it’s own ‘Bath blockbuster’ too!IMG_7887

That’s according to Holburne Museum Director Jennifer Scott who spoke to Bath Newseum today. She also had some news about landscaping work currently underway around the building.


Jennifer has written a booklet to accompany the Impressionism exhibition and l spotted it on sale just outside the entrance to the gallery.P1150444

Had to chuckle because – alongside a display of them – are give-away paint charts from the specialist paint company who supplied the hues used in the gallery as a background to the art work.

Seems a lot of people like the colours so much they want to know where they can buy them for their own homes!