Time to ban dogs in Queen Square?

Is there a Queen Square residents association or friends of this historic architectural quarter constructed by John Wood the Elder?IMG_7765

l only ask because what is constantly happening within the little fenced park needs people who live or work there to start keeping an eye on events.

More evidence of bark knawing by dogs.

Once again evidence of dog damage to one of the trees. They have all been encased in wire meshing but it hasn’t stopped someone pulling that down to allow a dog to use his teeth on the bark.

The damaged tree in Queen Square

There have been calls in the past for proper metal fencing around them but – in these austere economic times – wire meshing was all that was on offer.

queen square

Notices ask dog owners to keep them on leads – with a maximum penalty of £100 if you don’t – but is it time for a complete ban? There are plenty of other places to take a dog walkies.