Is it time for a ‘Bath Lanes’ district?

A new statement from B&NES  (Thursday, April 7th) regarding the proliferation of A boards in Bath city centre – and suggestions from Virtual Museum visitors as to how to reduce the problem.

The following statement has been released on Twitter.CfcurjGWQAAYY0y.jpg

It’s clear B&NES does not want to be seen to be ‘anti-business’ and there could be plenty of ‘return-fire’ regarding ‘unfair’ rents and rates – but pedestrianised areas and pavements are being seriously – and some might say dangerously – obstructed.

It will need a Cabinet meeting in May to ratify whatever action the Council decides to take and some carefully worded negotiations with traders.

The announcement that B&NES Council is to review its A-board policy has been warmly welcomed by Bath MP Ben Howlett. 

Ben said of the news

“I recently took a blindfolded walk with a guide dog, in conjunction with Guide Dogs for the Blind and walked into numerous A-boards around the town.

I do recognise the need for businesses to promote themselves in tight economic times.  However I hope innovative advertising solutions, such as the use of social media, combined with a rethink of the current A-board policy, will enable pavements to be clearer without detrimentally impacting on business profitability.” 

In the meantime suggestions are coming in to the Bath Newseum to try and alleviate the problem. How about one properly designed board with all the shops names upon – as in shopping malls.

Someone else thinks traders should all contribute towards a sign for the entrance.

Certainly the big issue in Union Street is encouraging footfall through The Corridor. Can’t landlords get together with Bath BID for one big campaign. How about a banner across the street?

Organise a hurdles steeplechase for humans – says another visitor. Certainly be a good way of illustrating the issue/problem!

I have argued for several years that these small streets should be marketed as the ‘Bath Lanes.’ How do we get joined up action?

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  1. Having all the ‘A’ boards in Union Street,opposite ‘The Coridoor’ ranged right across the street is madness. It would be better if the number were split into two and arranged either side of the entrance….

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