Holburne access unlimited.

Seems the reordering and  subsequent landscaping work being carried out in the garden behind the Holburne Museum extension has left some people unclear as to how accessible it will be for those with disabilities.

Looking towards the new steps leading into Sydney Gardens.

There is also concern about whether there will be access to and from Sydney Gardens beyond the museum gate for those with special needs.

The work is being carried out because of the excessive wear and tear being exerted on the grassed area which was becoming both worn and muddy. The job is due to be completed around April 15th.

The white line marks one of the side paths that will be installed.

It is true that a small flight of steps is being constructed leading out into Sydney Gardens but paths will run from either side of the gated entrance – following the line of a pathway that has been determined by footfall over the last couple of years.

An area to the left of the new steps will also be made accessible.

The step up to the gate will also be made accessible on its left-hand side.

A spokesperson for the Holburne told the Virtual Museum: ‘The garden and Museum will be fully accessible for all visitors.

Building work will be finished on site by 15 April after which time we will need to protect new planting so we will need to restrict access to some areas of the garden so it has time to establish itself.

We hope that our visitors will agree that the wait will be worthwhile and we are grateful for their patience while work is completed.’