It’s ‘Have Your Say’ day on the East of Bath Park & Ride

Not the sexiest of press releases to come my way from Bath and North East Somerset Council – but if you have an interest in Bath’s traffic problems and – in particular – the Council’s desire to see an East-of-Bath Park & Ride site established on a green-field site (a proposal that makes many people see red) then the city’s Guildhall is where you will want to be today – March 22nd.

IMG_7440 (1)
Lunch break and networking at the Guildhall.

That’s where Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Communities, Transport and Environment Policy Development & Scrutiny Panel are holding a scrutiny Inquiry day  in the Banqueting Room through to 7pm

Here’s the rest of the Press Release as it was received:

‘The purpose of the day will be for the Panel to undertake an open and transparent public scrutiny, examining a wide range of integrated transport solutions for the east of Bath.

park and ride
A Park and Ride bus into Bath.

The day will include:

· Presentation from the Council on the policy context
· A video from a national expert on integrated transport solutions
· Representatives from Nottingham and York Council will be sharing their experiences from lessons learned.
· Representation from local community groups including the local parish council and the community alliance campaign group
· experts in the field
• A workshop session in the afternoon (16:00) to capture the communities’ views and idea
• An evening session to capture comments from those who could not attend during the day.

IMG_7440 (1)
Lunch break and networking at the Guildhall.

Copies of the agenda can be found at

A community room (the Aix en Provence) will be available throughout the day to display key information for the community and provide further opportunity to share ideas and suggestions.

The Panel is also keen to hear from local people and stakeholders who have a view on this issue. There will be a speaking slot between 17:30 – 18:45 (3 minutes each). Members of the public wishing to speak at the meeting should contact Scrutiny by 12 pm on Friday 18th March 2016. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

park and ride
The route into town of the new park and ride. Click on images to enlarge.

Members of the public also have the opportunity to submit any statements in advance of the Scrutiny day (with written submissions at least 3 working days before the event to try to avoid duplication and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to engage). These statements will be supplied as part of the briefing pack / papers on the Scrutiny Inquiry Day.

The outcomes from the day will be compiled into a report by the Panel for consideration by the Council’s Cabinet prior to a final decision on the east of Bath transport solutions.

Suggestions please! But will it make any difference?

The Scrutiny Inquiry day will be webcast; should you wish to view this online, you will be able to access this via the Council’s website (

For more information about the agenda and day itself, and if you would like to register to attend please contact the Policy Development and Scrutiny Team on 01225 396053 or email By Friday the 18th March 2016.

BBC Points West OB arrives for lunchtime news coverage.

Written submissions can also be made by post to:

Policy Development & Scrutiny
Strategy & Performance
The Guildhall
High Street
For your information:

Background to Scrutiny Day: The Council – at its meeting on the 12th November 2015 – received a report which outlined the issues raised to date through the consultation process and the wider issues surrounding proposals for a Park and Ride facility to the East of Bath. At this meeting it was resolved to:-

1. Call for the communities, Transport and Environment Policy Development & Scrutiny Panel to undertake an open and transparent public scrutiny, examining a wide range of integrated transport solutions for the East of Bath’
2. In addition to the above, the Council also resolved that the Local Development Framework Steering Group meets to consider:
· The public responses received during the consultation;
· An analysis of the anticipated transport and environmental consequences linked to the proposal
· Approximate construction costs; and
· Potential visual impact.

The PDS Panel for Communities, Transport & Environment are the lead Panel who have been nominated to undertake a scrutiny inquiry, (open invite to all other PDS Panels)

Policy Development and Scrutiny Panels are not decision-making bodies, they can make recommendations to the Cabinet that they can accept, reject or defer.