That sinking feeling.

Back from a week’s holiday and surprised to see Network Rail contractors are still busy doing repairs to the rail bridge over the way up to the Kennet and Avon canal from Grosvenor Bridge.

Can’t have been very pleasant working here in all the recent bad weather.

That’s not to say they are not making a good job of it but it is one indication of why – with so much to do prior to electrification – that things are a little behind.

Contractors still working on the rail bridge beside the canal.

The track up to the towpath is a quagmire and – from what l hear – is on the end of the list of ‘improvements’ being planned for this vital way into town for pedestrians, dog walkers and cyclists.

The state of the path up to the canal is unbelievable!

I was nearly knocked off my bike on the London Road yesterday and want to see safer and more direct ways to get into Bath that don’t involve sitting in a car.

The new layout at the rear of the museum is gradually taking shape.

The weather is making things difficult for landscape contractors working on the garden at the back of the Holburne Museum but the new layout is taking shape.

The Sydney Gardens sink hole. Maybe it would make an additional ‘feature’ on the lawn?

PS. See the Sydney Gardens sink hole is still with us. Stopping to look in – it seems to be much deeper than the original hole that was filled in. Surely this has to have something to do with the natural springs running down the hill in this part of Bath?

Close up of the sink hole and it’s a deep one!