By gum!

Lovely, newly-varnished floor in the ticket hall of the Roman Baths which has now re-opened after being sanded down and re-coated.

The newly sanded and varnished ticket office floor at the Roman Baths.

It is certainly looking lighter and brighter and ready to face further years of thousands upon thousands of pounding feet as the entrance way to Bath’s top visitor attraction!

Not bad for a wonderfully decorated space that started life as a Victorian concert room.

The benches – just inside the ticket hall door.

Sorry, that l have to be the one to point out what has been missed in this impressive tidy-up. That’s the dried lumps of chewing gum that some visitors have left over the years under the edge of the beautifully-carved wooden benches just inside the entrance door.

Chewing gum deposit under the bench.

I discovered one such ‘relic’ while sitting on the bench – and admiring the floor – this morning!