Bath bins!

While appreciating that Bath is full of businesses who need to manage their waste, l wonder whether it’s time to think about how the city – as a whole – actually does this.



Maybe a joint approach on what sort of  refuse containers are used and where – in a central urban area with World Heritage status – they are positioned.

IMG_0946 (1)

These are just random shots taken in and around the streets of Bath.  There is no intention to single out an individual business or institution for blame.

IMG_5940 (1)

However, l am trying to illustrate the fact that they are not exactly the trophies of trade we would want to promote. But how to hide or disguise them?



Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Maybe – as Bath Preservation Trust are looking at A boards – they may like to gauge the detrimental effect of these wheelie bins and suggest a way of hiding them.