Grubby title for Westgate Street?

Is it just me or does Westgate Street take the title of Bath’s grubbiest inner-city thoroughfare? There’s plenty of healthy trading going on in the road but just look at its condition.

Too much tarmac where paving slabs used to be.

Kerbing has been damaged by delivery lorries parking on the pavements and so many of the paving slabs have been replaced with tarmac and not new slabs.


There are blobs of chewing gum just about everywhere, boarded up holes in the wall where cash machines once dispensed money and a fine view into an internal delivery yard where rubbish – in and out of bins – is on view from the roadside.

Boarded up holes where cash machines once were.
Chewing gum blobs everywhere. Broken kerbstone and tarmac instead of slabs.

Not exactly the sort of thing we want to share with our tourists – let alone local people.

The rubbish in this inner yard is also on view from the street.